Prophecy Teaser #2 – Meet Lily!

Hello Dear Ones!

I’ve been getting edits back from my editor lately, which means it’s crunch time! With only 2.5 months left to go until publication, I figure it’s time to let the teasers fly a little more freely. Plus, I’m just itching to share! Today you’ll get a peek at the beginning of Lily’s story, the primary protagonist for Prophecy. I hope you grow to love her as much as I do.


Lily had always admired the stars’ indifference. How they remained unaffected by everyday trivialities, great loves, wars, and falls of empires. They were simply there, not knowing or caring that humans prized their light, prayed to them during their darkest hours, even steered their entire lives by them. It felt safe to look upon them, non-threatening and obvious. It was a relief to know such steadiness existed when Lily’s life seemed anything but steady.

She pulled her gaze down to the road. The Columbia River shimmered at her right, its inky fingers glimmering and undulating east to west between Oregon and Washington, cocooned in the familiar peaks and forests of the Gorge. In her rear view mirror a sliver of light blue peaked over the horizon as the sun threatened the night.

Lily let out a sigh as her neck spasmed. Pain, once occasional and limited to post-race soreness, was now a familiar sensation. It had started months ago as a dull ache creeping down her neck, claiming one cervical vertebra at a time and knitting them together. From there it moved stealthily inward, settling in the shadow of her ribcage, occasionally radiating up and down her spine. Her anxiety about the mysterious aches and pains grew daily. They felt contradictory—as if something was trying to crawl out of her and sink deeper all at once. It made it hard to concentrate. Her last semester of college was nothing more than a blur.

As graduation day approached, it became difficult to believe Lily’s senior year had begun normally, happily even. She performed beyond her expectations in her final cross-country season, and even managed to lead a relatively active social life—a small miracle, considering her preference for a hike in the woods over socializing. Most surprising of all, she’d had her first boyfriend.

Until a few months ago, Lily Whiplark had never been interested in dating, a quirk that seemed to baffle others. She figured ambivalence toward dating was bound to happen when you were raised in a commune where women ruled the roost and stories of past relationships gone acidic were no secret. She remembered wondering if she’d change her mind when she went to college. She hadn’t. At least not until she met Liam.

He had been different. That much was clear upon their first meeting, when he’d rendered her powerless with his violet-flecked gray eyes and smooth baritone voice. She’d agreed to see him again later that day and promptly dissolved into him.


Lily may have gotten herself into trouble here eh?

Until next time!

Sending love and light,


The author of Prophecy of Three in the Oregon Gorge, Lily’s home. 


2 thoughts on “Prophecy Teaser #2 – Meet Lily!”

  1. Wonderful teaser. I am excited to read about your new book. I’m working on my first draft and hoping to publish my own book by the end of summer. I would love to do a review of your book and share it on my website (

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