Ashley writes magical fantasy novels about women and men who defy expectations, have epic adventures, and find love along the way.

She loves incorporating history, fairytales, and myth into modern settings and often does in many of her tales. See her books below or check out the books tab for series specific synopsis.

She has a soft spot for witches and they feature in many of her novels. ❀

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A Witching Spy Academy Series with a mythology twist!

Like The Cruel Prince and The Hunger Games? The Bonegates Series may be perfect for you!

Vampires and the fae face off in this paranormal romantic thriller series

Magic, mayhem, and Celtic mythology abound in this family-centered contemporary fantasy series.

Modern Fairytale Retellings

Part of the Once Upon a Fairy Tale Night Collection

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  1. Have just read Starseed Universe and the short stories with it. Am very impressed with your writing style and will be looking for more. Once again thank you


    1. Hi Steve! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚ I’ll have many more novels coming out this year, and you’ve found the perfect place for keeping in the know about them. Welcome to the Coven! *Ashley


  2. I would love to leave a review of Rogue Fae, as I really enjoyed the story and the characters are wonderful. Please let me know where I should leave the review, as I got the book from a freebie.


    1. Hello! I’m so glad you enjoyed Rogue Fae! πŸ™‚ And thank you for offering to leave a review. That is really kind of you. You can leave one on Amazon, Kobo (if you’re Canadian and use it), Apple Books, Goodreads, and/or Bookbub! No need to leave one on every site but those are the top sites people use so I always recommend those.
      Also, if you’re interested in reading the rest of the series, my box set titled The Starseed Universe will be on sale this Friday (1/11) for 99cents on Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, and Apple! Just search my name on those sites and it should come up. It’s normally $10 so I thought you may want to know.
      Thanks for reading and getting in touch!


    1. Thank you, Christina! I’m so glad you loved them and I can’t wait to share The Bonegates Series with you in 2019! Please keep in touch so you know when it’s out! ❀


  3. Hello Ashley ~

    I just finished ‘Rogue Fae’, and what a wonderful book it is!
    I always start a new book fresh, whether a new writer, series, genre, or stand alone. I loved how you started with a new relationship taking a site seeing tour of the US, with one being from Ireland, to solving murders dealing with stolen majic!
    You have totally turned me into one of your followers, and I can hardly wait to start another of your books!

    Thank you Ms. McLeo for a Great Read!!!

    Tina L


    1. Hello, Tina,

      It’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I’m so pleased you liked Rogue Fae. πŸ™‚

      I hope you’ll give my main series The Starseed Trilogy, starting with Prophecy of Three a try. There will be a couple familiar faces from Rogue Fae in that series. Hopefully you will enjoy it even more!. ❀

      Happy reading and please keep in touch!



  4. Hi, I just finished your novella Rogue Fae! It was very entertaining, and your characters were endearing! Thanks and keep up the great writing!


  5. Hi Ashley:) will the third book (rising of three) be available in paperback in August or only kindle ?


    1. Hi Nikki! Rising of Three will totally be available in paperback! It may be a couple days after the e-book only because when you upload them, their approval takes a bit longer. So, at the latest, it will be out early September. I’ll make sure to announce it on all my social media channels and here. πŸ™‚ Thank you for asking!


  6. Hi, Ashley. I received, but not yet read your Prophecy of Three book. I am fascinated by all things witches. There are several in my family tree. My mother was from Ireland, my father from Scotland, so you may imagine the tales I grew up with. I come from an ancient family, traced back to
    900 AD, then historians of the time trace my family back to 100 BC The Keith family were hereditary Governors of Scotland for almost 800 years, (900 to 1715 AD) My love for stories, especially about witches,Celtic and Scottish lore is boundless and I’m glad I found an author who loves stories about witches. I look forward to all your future books. Sean Keith.

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    1. Wow! Sean that is fascinating! It sounds like you may have a witchy novel or non-fiction book in you just from your family tree alone. πŸ™‚ I wish I could say the same. As far as I know, there are no witches in my family tree, just me a person who has always had a soft spot for them, historically and fictionally and will absolutely continue to write about them. I have many ideas for more witchy novels.
      Thank you so much for downloading Prophecy of Three, I hope you enjoy it. Most of my characters in this series are fictional with mythological inspirations but perhaps you’ll recognize mention of a particular (real) Irish witch in it? You’ll have to tell me if you do!
      All the magic,


    1. Hi Rhonda! You can find Prophecy of Three on Amazon here (ebook and paperback both) . Currently, I am exclusive to them but hope to be on a larger platform eventually. I hope that helps! *Ashley*


  7. I will one of the first in line to “buy it”! You’ll just have to autograph it for me when you can! Very proud of you. Love you! Hugs….. Mom

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  8. Ok Ashley let’s see what you got girl! Have fun and enjoy what you do is the most important thing one can do for themselves. Love you πŸ™‚

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