A Legacy Witch

Spy school can be a REAL witch. 

I’m Odette, Spellcasters Spy Academy Legacy student and a witch with the suckiest magic ever. It’s so weak that my peers think I should be tossed out of Spellcasters and Alex, the one guy I’ve taken a shine to, has shunned me. Yes, seriously shunned me. Why are the hot ones always jerks?

But I’m determined to make a name for myself in the espionage world, just like my parents—spymaster legends. My biggest hurdle is getting my magic on board in time for the perilous Culling-year trials.

At least that’s the case until students are murdered and dangerous creatures break through the school boundaries. The attacks seem random, but they’re not. Somehow, I’m always connected—and I fear that I might be next. 

Fans of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Craft will love Ashley McLeo’s Spellcasters Spy Academy, now a complete series. 

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The complete series