Assassin Witch Teaser

Assassin Witch releases in LESS than 2 weeks (the preorder link is at the bottom of this page. Remember preorders are always discounted off the regular price)! This book has been a #1 new release for weeks now and I’m so excited for you to read it.

Cue, hyperventilating.

I wanted to share a little teaser from Assassin Witch with you. Here’s a scene between Lana and Garret. ❤

My knees about gave out, but Garret caught me, his face coming closer as his grip tightened to keep me from falling.

I stared into his mercurial gray eyes, thickly lashed, and a perfect contrast to his dark olive skin. The breath in my chest loosed, and I exhaled softly. 

“Are you OK?” Garret hoisted me back up so that I stood on my feet again, but that smokey gaze never faltered. 

“Fine,” I breathed, fully aware of how not fine I was, and the whispers rising all around us. 

“Are you sure? You don’t have a fever, do you?” Garret’s hand rose to brush my forehead, but he stopped himself before actually doing so. “If you do, we’ll have to tell King Oberon right away so he can push our departure date back. We can’t leave without you, you’re too important.” 

My heart squeezed, and suddenly my face was inching toward his. Garret’s eyes widened, but he did nothing to pull back. If anything, he softened and moved to meet me.

Tingles flew up and down my spine, taking in the gorgeous man I was stupid enough to believe I could be ‘just friends’ with. My breath stilled as our lips hovered a disappointing hairsbreadth distance apart.

A resounding blast of brass shattered my trance, and we jerked back, each swinging our head wildly to catch if anyone had noticed our near lip-lock. But everyone’s eyes were trained on my father, who was sitting on his throne high above the dancing crowd, Casimir at his side, and Xerxes behind the pair of them, spewing a thin stream of fire from his beak.

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