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My Advanced Reader Team has been growing into a wonderful community lately. In fact, I just started a private Facebook group where members can talk amongst themselves and discuss books! It’s been a great time and I love seeing readers get to know one another. Still, I wanted to put the word out that I’m always actively recruiting Advanced Reader Team members! So, if you love The Starseed Trilogy and are interested in receiving my e-books for free, reviewing them, spreading the word, and getting a chance to get to interact with like-minded readers let me know (ashleymcleo@gmail(dot)com)!

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Siren Falling Excerpt

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It’s been a while. Let’s just say I have a lot of irons in the fire right now! Currently, I’m working on book three of The Starseed Trilogy, another Starseed prequel novella titled Siren Falling, and . . . ANOTHER SERIES! No announcements as to what the series name or teasers yet but I will say expect witches, fae, and some major family drama! I’ll tell you more in the next month or so. 😉
For now, I wanted to share a little excerpt of the novella I’ve been working on featuring our favorite full blooded siren, Selma. Oh, yea, that firey Spanish Senorita descended from the sirens featured in Homer’s Odyssey got her own story and for good reason, she’s absolutely mesmerizing. Which, could be a good or a bad thing . . . you decide. 🙂

Without further adieu here’s a bit about the start of Selma’s life in NYC.


Stepping out of the cab, Selma was assaulted by beeping horns and the bitter stench of exhaust that clouded the early fall air. She gripped her suitcases tight, preparing to make her way into the swarms of people.

A tingle ran up her spine. It is not so different here than home. There I had an ocean of water before me. Here it is an ocean of people. So far, I prefer the latter. She dove into the crowd following the directions to the hostel the cabbie gave her. She had planned to stay in a hotel but once the driver mentioned the prices rooms rented for on Manhattan she’d balked and asked if he knew of a cheaper alternative. The answer was, as it was in Spain, a youth hostel. Selma didn’t love the idea of sleeping in a bunk-filled dorm but as far as she was concerned skimping on the hostel was acceptable as long as she got the white marble countertops, sprawling city views, and doorman in her dream apartment.

The alluring and out of place scent of pine and soap filled her nostrils stopping Selma dead in her tracks.

“Hey lady! What the hell?” A man well over six feet tall yelled as he nearly collided into her.

Selma pursed her lips, barely registering the agitated New Yorker. Where is that delightful scent coming from? Warm brown eyes roamed and she sniffed the air, hoping to catch wind of the person who smelled so delicious. Her mouth fell open as she took in the surrounding smorgasbord. Selma had been so in her head she hadn’t even noticed the dozen attractive men milling about. Tall built men, short burly men, clean-shaven men, and men with neat beards; all with glowing smiles, groomed hair, and suits that would make her mother sigh.

Ay, ay, ay! I am going to love it here, Selma grinned as a man with rich, dark skin and brilliant blue eyes caught her gaze.

The man winked and returned her grin with a roguish smile of his own before glancing away.

Oh, you want to play that game? Selma thought, enticed. Slowly, she released a thin stream of estrogen into her blood which dosed into the deepest layers of her skin and moved up through her pores. She moved closer to the blue-eyed Adonis and swept her arms in his direction. The hormones on her skin leapt off, heading straight for the man.

The result was instantaneous. The man whirled about, his eyes hazy and muscles at attention. He licked his lips and shot towards Selma.

“Hello, Miss. Sorry to intrude but you looked a bit lost. My name is Jared. I wondered if I may be of service to you?” The man asked in a crisp British accent.

He looked like a puppy standing there, and beneath the elation coursing through her Selma felt a tiny twinge of guilt at her reflexive use of magic. A use her mother had warned her about. I’ve only been in the city an hour and already I’m flaunting my power in a way I never would have at home. She glanced guiltily down at the sidewalk.

“Miss, excuse me but are you OK? May I assist you with your bags?” Jared tried again, his brows furrowing with concern.

Selma grabbed at one of her two suitcases and her muscles strained with its weight. Well, I suppose he’s already enchanted and drastic needs call for drastic measures. Surely Mama would not deny me that . . .

“I’d love that,” Selma answered. She met Jared’s eyes and beamed at him, hoping that he’d feel her appreciation despite the hormone and mind-altering influence of her magic. “I’m staying at the youth hostel down the street.”

Jared frowned. “The youth hostel? A gorgeous woman like you can’t stay there. Are you visiting?”

“I just moved to town but don’t have a place to live yet.”

“Buying or renting?”


“I know the person to help you. Let me show you to his office. He’s a realtor and always knows where the best apartments are for any budget.”

“That would be wonderful,” Selma replied, delighted with the turn of events despite her underlying guilt.

Jared turned and began walking down the sidewalk, both of Selma’s suitcases clenched in his hands.

Time to start my new life in the big city. And what luck, I get to do it with a view! Selma thought, her eyes never leaving Jared’s backside as he led the way.


What sort of trouble will Selma get into? PLENTY! If you want first dibs on Siren Falling, A Starseed Universe Novella before it’s released, make sure to join The Coven, my exclusive mailing list and reader group. Siren Falling is free to Coven members only. 🙂

OR if you’d like to be involved as a beta reader, providing input on the novella before it’s completed, simply hit the contact Ashley tab above and let me know!

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Siren Falling

Prophecy of Three is free! Today only!

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I just wanted to interrupt your Christmas/Holiday candy haze to let you know that Prophecy of Three is free today only on! Here’s the link:

So, if you got that new e-reader and need to stock it up, you know what to do! Feel free to tell all your friends too. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are planning a rockin’ New Year!

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Limited Time Offers on The Starseed Trilogy

I’m celebrating this week and I’d love for you to celebrate with me! For a very limited time Prophecy of Three is FREE and Souls of Three is on SALE!

Hello, lovelies!

As some of you know, I’ve been in a yoga teacher training program all year. The program has been wonderful, more difficult than I imagined, and extremely eye-opening to discover parts of myself I hadn’t tended to (not to mention realize how difficult teaching yoga properly actually is!). That being said, last weekend was the final weekend of the program so I wanted to celebrate by sharing the abundant love I felt last weekend!

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The Mosscone Murders



A Witchy Halloween to you!

As a fantasy author, I adore Halloween. So much so that I am one of those people that dresses up my dog and would love nothing more than to attend a fabulous costume party or gala dressed to the nines as a fairy queen or Cleopatra.

Flicka as a pumpkin two seconds before the hat got tossed off. ❤

I suppose it makes sense, I have always had an affinity for the magical, mystical, and unexplainable.That I started writing about witches and other supernatural creatures was a natural progression. However, these last few years my interest in the holiday has shifted a bit. I’ve gotten more into the academic history of Halloween and how it has evolved over hundreds of years. Curious about that too? Read on. 🙂


I suppose it makes sense, I have always had an affinity for the magical, mystical, and unexplainable.That I started writing about witches and other supernatural creatures was a natural progression. However, these last few years my interest in the holiday has shifted a bit. I’ve gotten more into the academic history of Halloween and how it has evolved over hundreds of years. Curious about that too? Read on. 🙂

Halloween, traditionally called Samhain, an ancient harvest festival in the Celtic world, began it’s metamorphosis to what we know it as today as a night when people believed that faeries, witches, and demons roamed the earth. They set out food and drink to placate the creatures of the night. Throughout history other groups of peoples have felt that same need to honor the ‘other’ by gathering together to hold space for the dead, dancing around bonfires, carving pumpkins (or giant turnips as was often done in Ireland), playing divination games, and bobbing for apples. Much later on, people began dressing up as the very magical beings they laid out food for and began claiming the goodies for themselves, sometimes performing antics or tricks in exchange for food and drink. As you can imagine this evolved into trick or treating, which is enjoyed the world over by millions of children and adults. However, the magically inclined have always tended to think differently from the masses. Even today witches and wizards relate much more to the traditional Samhain celebration where one honors the change of the season rather than trick or treating. Modern witches sometimes consider Halloween or Samhain (depending on which vernacular they use) the ‘witches New Year’ and many still see it as a day to honor the deceased with scrying rituals or burning candles.

I’ll be real. I love witches, historically, fictionally, and presently but I am no witch. Still, I like nothing more than dressing up in my witches hat, grabbing a wand (I’m still patiently waiting to purchase my own in Diagon Alley) and hitting the town for some Halloween *FUN*! However, this year is different. I’ll be on a plane, returning from a writing research trip in England and Ireland for my next witchy series. And I’ll also be releasing my second novel! That’s right Souls of Three is officially out Halloween 2017! Because really, when you write about witches is there a better release day? It’s on pre-order now but you can also sign up for my mailing list, The Coven, and I’ll send you an email Halloween day reminding you that your favorite witchy read is available for purchase.

Thanks for reading (and as my witches would say) “Happy Samhain to ye!”

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Souls of Three Cover Reveal!

Hello lovelies!

We’re less than one month away from Souls of Three’s release which means . . . (drumroll please) it’s cover reveal time! Here she is . . .


Yup. That’s sassy and at times uptight Miss Evelyn on the cover so if you loved her in Prophecy of Three you’re in for a real treat! And if you didn’t love her, well, she’s a talented witch and may just sway you in Souls. 🙂

Guess you’ll just have to see, won’t you?

Until next time!

Ashley McLeo

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Rogue Fae, A Starseed Universe Novella, Now available on

Hello lovelies!

Just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know my novella Rogue Fae is now available! It’s a prequel story to Prophecy of Three and features a few fan favorites Gwenn, Rena, and Em. Here are the blurb and cover for those that are interested. 🙂


A rogue fae is on the loose in Nashville. When the fae kills a wizard and leaves three women insane in its wake, the Nashville coven seeks to bring the fae to justice. They search each crime scene and come across a type of magic no one is sure how to decipher.
No one, that is, except Emily Harp, recent divorcee, Nashville visitor, and empathetic witch. At the coven’s request Emily, alongside her new friends and fellow witches, Gwenn McKay and Rena Whiplark investigate the crime sites in hopes of helping the coven catch the fae.
When the trio stumbles across information of a feud generations old between the Nashville coven and the local fae tribe it sheds new light on the crimes. Light that quickly fades to a very dark scenario. Will Emily, Gwenn, and Rena succeed in bringing the rogue fae to justice? Or will they discover there’s something more sinister that needs to be dealt with in Nashville?

The Mosscone Murders

Sound like something you want to read? Go get your copy for just 99 cents on Amazon today!

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