Fanged Fae Series

Blood was never something I thought I’d crave . . . 

But after a vampire bit me, I am—desperately so.

Thank goodness I have a trio of hot fae guards and a sassy witch keeping me in line and teaching me about the supernatural world. One that, apparently, I was born to.

Did I mention that I’m a hidden demi-fae princess? Or at least I was, before the aforementioned vampire attack.

It’s been a hell of a day. 

Now I must find my attacker and kill him to reverse the curse. All while fighting my rising bloodlust, and trying to ignore my intense attraction to a certain devilishly handsome fae guard.

If I fail, I’ll become a terrifying vampire-fae hybrid. A monster any vampire monarch would love to control.

I only have five days to save myself.

And now the clock is ticking . . .

With a fresh take on vampires and fae, Blood Moon Magic and Faerie Blood are fast-paced, action-filled paranormal romances that will have you turning the pages until late at night.

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