Unicorn Reviews

As of November 2017, Unicorn Book Reviews is open for submissions!

The skivvy. I’m a book reviewer. I am partial to fantasy (my fave) skewed toward the urban side but with deeper themes, sci-fi, paranormal, historical fiction, and YA/NA with aspects of the aforementioned genres.


Magic and escapism in my novels. Witches are the best, other paranormal/fantasy creatures are great too. I like when authors can use history and/or mythology in their works. Exotic locations will sweep me away. I choose characters over the plot as an area of importance. Romance is OK in these books as long as it’s not the all-encompassing heart of your novel.


Chic-lit, military novels, erotica, westerns, non-fiction, and definitely no horror (big wuss here).

I will likely show preference to indie authors as I feel they need it more than traditionally published authors. However, if a traditional book catches my eye, you best believe I’ll review it.

If I choose to review your novel I WILL review it on my Instagram (unicornbookreviews – go follow it now!), Goodreads (follow me at Ashley McLeo), and Amazon. If asked, I may review elsewhere too.

I prefer digital to paperback (let’s try and save paper right?!), however paperback do make for better photos so if you’d like to feel free to send me a paperback. I use the traditional 5-star rating system, 5-stars being that I LOVED your book and found nothing wrong with it, 1-star being that it wasn’t for me or I did not finish it. My ratings will be honest and exactly how I feel. If you can’t handle that please don’t ask me to review.

Email me at bookreviewsforunicorns@gmail.com to inquire about a review. Please include the following in your email to be considered for a review.




Word Count


Any author who does not submit these five criteria in their emails will not be considered. Please do it right the first time or you may not hear back from me.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

All the magic,