Coven of Shadows and Secrets Series: Crowns of Magic Universe

Seeker of Secrets:

A past erased from my memory . . .

A protector I never wanted . . .

 An enemy (or two) determined to strike me down . . .

One day I’m minding my own business. Just raiding tombs and trying to buy my freedom from the man who has controlled me for years. 

The next, I’m dropped into the underbelly of Yale and propositioned by a secret society of dark artifact hunters.

And apparently, I have magic. 

But that’s not the craziest thing. 

My last heist unleashed evil on the world. Thankfully, the secret society seems happy to help me right my wrongs and discover my power. Maybe even help me to remember my past too. 

Well, most everyone, anyway. Tobias, a domineering, devastatingly handsome vampire, is the notable exception. Too bad for him, he’s also assigned as my partner. My protector—a designation that he clearly despises.

But I’ve handled worse than Tobias and now that I have a place to start, no one will stop me from discovering my hidden past. 

Seeker of Secrets audiobook retail sample

Meet the coven members! Art done by Tony Viento.

Meredith Stone, witch
Tobias Blake Aston Laurent, vampire
Gunner Ray Bryant, Alpha Wolf (Shirtless pic can be found in my Facebook Reader Group)

Character art created by Ashley McLeo using MidJourney prompts (no artist names or popular characters in literature were used in the prompts)

Hans Novak, Caster Wizard

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