The Winter Court and The Spring Court: Crowns of Magic Universe

These books take place in the Realm of Isila. It is a mirror world to ours, in which fae, dragons, vampires, mages, and wolvea rule the lands.

There may be cross over from the Coven of Shadows and Secrets Series, a romantic urban fantasy series that takes place in our world, though the epic fantasy novels are meant to be enjoyed without having to read the urban fantasy.

The Winter Court Series

A steamy New Adult, Fae Fantasy Series

A blood slave desperate for freedom. A fake engagement. Torn between two powerful fae.

The auction block awaits and a vicious vampire prince wants me and what flows through my veins.

So I make a run for it, struggling through dangerous forests and battling the elements only to end up falling at the feet of a fae warden. Technically, the Warden of the West should return me to the vampire court, but Warden Roar has other ideas. 

He needs a fake fiancée.

The deal: if I play his dutiful partner at the Winter Court, he’ll hide me from the blood-suckers intent on draining the life from me.

I agree, and for a while, it seems like nothing can go wrong. In fact, being lavished with the good things in life almost makes me forget the danger.

That is, until Vale, the Warrior Prince of the Winter Court, sets his sights on me.

There’s something about the way he watches…

His eyes raking over me, leaving a flaming trail of heat in their wake…

Am I terrified or do I like it?

All I know is I’ve become a pawn in the dangerous game of the fae.

And it may cost me more than my heart.

One-click this epic fantasy set in the clashing courts of a dying kingdom and discover whether Neve’s run for freedom has brought her to something even more dangerous or whether love will be her salvation. Fans of Sarah J. Maas’s Court of Thorns and Roses will love this first book in the thrilling Winter Court Series.

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The Spring Court, Standalone Novel

A steamy New Adult, Fae Fantasy Series

I’m a dark artifacts hunter, but now I’m the one being hunted.

After I slip into Faerie, darkness begins to follow, killing those around me. 

There’s no way out, that isn’t through the monsters, a terrifying scenario that the charming and handsome ruler of the kingdom can’t seem to fix. Actually, he seems more inclined to throw dinners, attend balls, and flirt, rather than figure out how to defeat the monsters at the gates. 

But when I catch him in a moment of weakness I discover I might be wrong about him. The prince does care, and he feels like he’s to blame. His curse is the cause of this madness.

And in a shocking turn of events, I might be the only one to get the Spring Court out of this mess. 

Curse of the Fae Prince is a fantasy romance that is perfect for fans of CN Crawford and Sarah J. Maas.

Previously published in 2021 in the Seduced by Magic boxset

Character Art

Join The Coven to see all the characters from the Winter Court as they come to life. All character art is made by Ashley using Midjourney AI. It is used only for inspiration and fan enjoyment (not monetized).

From top left:

Sir Caelo, Clawguard to Prince Vale

Prince Vale Aaberg, The Warrior Bear

Filip Balik, youngest son of House Balik

Lady Sayyida Virtoris

Lady Neve

Princess Saga Aaberg

Warden of the West Roar Lisika

Prince Gervais Laurent

King Magnus Aaberg

Prince Rhistel Aaberg

Lady Marit Armenil

Captain Eirwen Vagle

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