The Bonegates Series

From Hawk Witch:

A mysterious fae-shifter. A battle royale. A chance of a lifetime.

 I’ve always been different. Awkward. Horrible at magic. A square peg shoved into a round hole. 

But when I arrive in Faerie, I have a chance to start over, to help people who have it worse than me, and to finally get to know my father—the King of Lyonesse.

In Faerie I have friends and a fae guard who fancies me. Crazily enough, for once in my life my bloody magic is cooperating.

There’s one hitch. 

To get what I want most, I have to fight—gladiator style—and I must win.

The others are infinitely more powerful than me and a thousand times more charming. Cunning and competitive to boot. And they all want to be tops too. But when I really want something, I’ve never been one to give up. 

And I won’t start now. 

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