The Bonegates Series

Lana hasn’t found her life’s passion.

Although when a hawk-shifter arrives bearing a shocking letter she has a hint of where to start. 

What begins as a journey, ends with Lana being sucked into Faerie. 

Surprisingly, Faerie feels like home. Her guard is distractingly handsome and endlessly kind. To top it all off Lana discovers that she’s royalty. And that she has the power to help a kingdom in desperate need.

That is, after her royal rank is determined by a gladiatorial tournament. A trial with no rules and a bloody history.

One she must accept or return to a passionless life.

The question then becomes how far is Lana willing to go to better her life as well as those of others?

Hawk Witch is an epic Faerie adventure, featuring a slow-burn romance, Faerie lore, and dark twists. Perfect for fans of the Throne of Glass Series and The Hunger Games.

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