The Starseed Universe

The complete Starseed Universe

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This box set includes books: Prophecy of Three, Souls of Three, Rising of Three, Rogue Fae, and Siren Falling.

The Starseed Trilogy:

Magic. Celtic mythology. And a battle to save us all.

Magically bound and separated from birth, sisters Lily, Evelyn, and Sara are reunited in the rolling hills of Ireland to save Earth as we know it.

Their opponents? The fata—otherworldly magical beings whose abilities far surpass any known supernatural on earth—and their followers.

That is until the sisters come into their witchy birthright. With their magic restored they must fulfill an ancient prophecy lost during the fire of the Library of Alexandria. If they don’t all of humanity will be enslaved.

The sisters’ varied pasts create friction but they work to find common ground, master their magic, trust their estranged birth family, and fight together.

Even after Lily’s adoptive family survives a tragedy, and heiress Evelyn undergoes a trial of her own, it seems as though they are strong. That nothing worse can happen.

But when one rises the other falls and occult academic Sara is forced to face her demons.

With help from their family, new love interests, and unexpected links from souls long lost, the sisters push the limits of magic and bring together a culture of supernaturals—a supernatural army—like the world has never seen.

Prophecy of Three, book one of The Starseed Trilogy


Lily thought growing up in a hippie commune meant her life was odd. 

But that’s nothing, compared to learning she’s a descendant of the McKay clan, a renown Irish witching family. Or that she’s one of three witches fated to save humanity from an ancient, devious magical race. A race guilty of starting countless witch hunts and committing hundreds of murders in history—all because they were searching for the fated three.

Lily’s knee-jerk reaction is to run screaming back to what is known and easy, but once she gets her first taste of magic everything changes. Nothing has ever felt more real or right.

She’s hooked.

Despite the promise of danger, Lily throws herself into her magical education in hopes of holding off the barbaric magical race threatening to destroy the world as she knows it.

Because the McKay witches have the upper hand for now, but something tells Lily that won’t last long.

Prophecy of Three is a paranormal fantasy with engaging characters, seamlessly woven mythology, and heart-pounding moments of action that will keep you turning the page. It is perfect for fans of the TV show Charmed and The All Souls Trilogy.

Souls of Three, book two of The Starseed Trilogy


 They say to never mix business and pleasure, but Evelyn Locksley has always been a rebel. 

Back in New York for two weeks, Evelyn is relishing running the boardroom like a boss and frequenting the clubs for some scandalous siren practice.

After getting assigned a career-changing account, she has a choice to make. Should she keep her word and return to train for a supernatural war with her sisters in Ireland? Or remain in New York just a bit longer to advance her professional reputation? Evelyn is torn, and her alluring new client isn’t making her choice any easier.

Determined to close the deal and return to Ireland as soon as possible, Evelyn works tirelessly.

However, her plans screech to a halt when she’s abducted by the Acolytes of Hecate.

After bearing the brunt of terrifying dark magic Evelyn worries that no one will be able to free her. And those with even the slightest chance of doing so are the witches she just let down.

The magic continues in The Starseed Trilogy, but the stakes are higher with family, love, and the battle for Evelyn’s life on the line.

Reviews of Souls of Three (from

“Souls of Three is the second in an amazing series that I simply cannot put down. Ashley’s writing style is unique. With an unusual but sensory-filling use of scent in her description, you are immediately thrown into the world of her characters, each with their own distinct personality. The story is well-told, draws you in and keeps you there wanting more. I highly recommend this series for everyone, as it appeals to so many tastes. Fantastic read!”

“Ashley McLeo takes you on another wild ride with the lovely witch triplets Lily, Sara, and Evelyn. The twists and turns the story takes makes it impossible to put down, so don’t! I can’t wait for book three!”

“I was lucky enough to get an early read of the eagerly awaited second installment of the Starseed trilogy. And it did not disappoint! The creative cast of characters was amazing as they guided me on a magical journey woven with both heart and grit. Souls of Three revealed many needed answers but raised enough new questions to guarantee the end of this trilogy will be a doozie!”

Rising of Three, book three of The Starseed Trilogy 


People are disappearing en masse the world over.

Sara McKay, fire witch and one of the fated three knows that can only mean one thing. The fata, otherworldly enemies of humans, are growing stronger.

With the help of their pneumas–magical entities living inside Sara and her sisters–the McKay witches prepare for war.

However, with Sara no longer needing to play peacekeeper between sisters Lily and Evelyn, strong insecurities make a reappearance in her life. Once the most powerful triplet, she struggles to master the magic the pneumas introduce and fully integrate with the supernatural soldiers flocking to Fern Cottage.

Will Sara’s instability help the fata drive a wedge between the triplets that their enemies can exploit? Or will Sara’s issues be just the thing that their army needs to win a magical war?

Rising of Three is an explosive finale to The Starseed Trilogy featuring characters as true to life as the people next door. With romance, family, ties to mythology, and magic you’ve never seen before it’s sure to keep you turning the page and guessing what happens next!

Rogue Fae, A Starseed Universe Prequel Novella

A rogue fae is on the loose and leaving death in its wake.

The Nashville coven is in a tizzy, which is to be expected. Murder does tend to bring out peoples’ anxiety.

What’s unexpected is that the coven asks visiting witches Gwenn, Rena, and Emily, to help find the fae before it causes more harm. After all, they have the rare magical skill set no one in the coven can boast.

However, as the trio follows the clues the fae left they unearth something fishy. There seems to be more to the string of death and destruction the fae left behind than meets the eye. One member of the coven is being aggressive, and Gwenn can’t help but feel uncomfortable around one of the victim’s best friends.

And that’s not even considering the decades-long feud between the fae tribe and witches that comes to light.

A feud no one in the Nashville coven bothered to mention.

Coincidence? The trio thinks not.

Now all they have to do is prove it.

Siren Falling, A Starseed Universe Prequel Novella

Selma de Avila, a siren with a quick temper, is finally doing something for herself.

She’s moving to New York City.

Once there, Selma quickly ingrains herself into high society, all the while trying to find love, build a career, and live the life she’s always dreamed of.

But everything goes awry, including her control over her magic, when Selma runs into devastatingly handsome, billionaire Andrew Van de Berg and sparks fly.

The problem? He’s married.

Despite knowing Andrew is off limits, Selma can’t seem to avoid him. Every encounter with the playboy billionaire riles up her powerful magic and manipulates her body and mind. Within days of meeting Andrew, she’s siphoning magic all around New York, enchanting total strangers, and infuriating the rich wives of New York City.

Will Selma be able to put an end to Andrew’s persistent attention and regain mastery of her magic? Or will her magic take over, making her the hated newcomer or worse, toppling Selma into siren madness and pulling the men of NYC behind her?

Siren Falling is a stand-alone prequel novella to The Starseed Trilogy. If you like big-city drama and a redeeming love story, purchase it today!