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Rising of Three, Book Three of The Starseed Trilogy 


Souls of Three, Book Two of The Starseed Trilogy


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“Souls of Three is the second in an amazing series that I simply cannot put down. Ashley’s writing style is unique. With an unusual but sensory-filling use of scent in her description, you are immediately thrown into the world of her characters, each with their own distinct personality. The story is well-told, draws you in and keeps you there wanting more. I highly recommend this series for everyone, as it appeals to so many tastes. Fantastic read!”

“Ashley McLeo takes you on another wild ride with the lovely witch triplets Lily, Sara, and Evelyn. The twists and turns the story takes makes it impossible to put down, so don’t! I can’t wait for book three!”

“I was lucky enough to get an early read of the eagerly awaited second installment of the Starseed trilogy. And it did not disappoint! The creative cast of characters was amazing as they guided me on a magical journey woven with both heart and grit. Souls of Three revealed many needed answers but raised enough new questions to guarantee the end of this trilogy will be a doozie!”

Blurb for Souls of Three.

Evelyn Locksley, one of the three witches foretold to save humanity from the fata, magical aliens intent on ruling Earth, is back home in New York City. She’s having a blast, running the boardroom like a boss and frequenting hot clubs for scandalizing siren practice. That is until Evelyn is taken hostage by fata cronies, the Acolytes of Hecate. Locked in a magically warded basement Evelyn witnesses the Acolyte’s strength and begins to doubt that anyone on Earth stands a chance against the fata.


Lily Whiplark is still reeling over the loss of her beloved second mother, Em, at the hands of the Acolytes. After hearing of Evelyn’s flamboyant and selfish behavior in New York when she’s supposed to be in Ireland training for a supernatural war, Lily’s grief morphs into fury that not even triplet peacekeeper, Sara, can quell. When Lily learns of Evelyn’s abduction will she be able to put their vast differences aside to save her sister?


Will the sisters be able to overcome their rocky past to band together against the enemies of humanity?

Prophecy of Three, Book One of The Starseed Trilogy



It begins with a burning library, a frantic witch, and an enchanted prophecy.

It ends with the birth of the three.


Lily Whiplark returned home from college expecting nothing more than an epic summer solstice party followed by months of blissful relaxation after her devastating breakup with her boyfriend Liam.

Instead, she’s handed a ticket to Ireland to meet her birth family.

In the rolling hills of Ireland, Lily’s life takes a thrilling turn when she discovers she’s one of three women fated to save humanity from an alien invasion. What’s more, the events of her birth are connected to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, historical witch hunts in Europe, and even the legendary rift between Adam and Eve.

Despite, the promise of danger Lily agrees to train in the magical arts. But will it be enough? Will she be brave enough to learn all that is required to rectify Eve’s betrayal and save humanity from magical otherworldly forces intent on chaos?


Rogue Fae, A Starseed Universe Prequel Novella

The Mosscone Murders

A rogue fae is on the loose in Nashville. When the fae kills a wizard and leaves three beauty queens insane in its wake, the Nashville coven is desperate to bring the fae to justice. They search each crime scene and come across a type of magic no one is sure how to decipher.
No one, that is, except Emily Harp, a recent divorcee, Nashville visitor, and empathetic witch. At the coven’s request Emily and fellow witches, Gwenn McKay and Rena Whiplark investigate the crime sites in hopes of helping the coven catch the fae.
When the trio stumbles across information of a feud generations old between the Nashville coven and the local fae tribe it sheds new light on the crimes. Light that quickly fades to a very dark scenario. Will Emily, Gwenn, and Rena succeed in bringing the rogue fae to justice? Or will they discover there’s something more sinister that needs to be dealt with in Nashville?

Siren Falling, A Starseed Universe Prequel Novella

Siren Falling