Spellcasters Spy Academy

Magic and espionage are in my blood.

But my parents don’t want me attending their alma mater, Spellcasters Spy Academy. They think I can’t hack it. Of course, I plan on proving them wrong. 

If I can stay alive long enough.

Someone is attacking witches in my year, and I seem to always be nearby when they strike. 

I swear, I have nothing to do with it. Shoot, I can barely get my magic to cooperate. But convincing some people of my innocence is impossible. Like hot-as-hell Alex Wardwell, who despises me because of one dumb mistake. 

So between proving my parents wrong, passing the trials Spellcasters has in store, trying to convince Alex that he has me pegged wrong, and simply staying alive, it looks like I’m going to have a busy year. 

Thank the universe I’ve always been up for a challenge. 

A Legacy Witch is an upper YA/NA academy fantasy featuring a slow-burn romance, vivacious  characters, heart-pounding action, and an intricate world you’ll want to lose yourself in.

Year one in Ashley McLeo’s newest series, Spellcasters Spy Academy