Updates on writing and publishing.

TLDR: I’m publishing 6 books in 2023.

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. At the end of 2022, I took much-needed time off and am returning to work feeling energized and ready to write some books.

And speaking of books . . .

I wanted to share my plans for this year with you. I’ll be slowing down my production slightly. Usually I write 8 books a year and that will be dropping to 6. That’s because my books have gotten much longer and more complex. I routinely write books that are over 100K words now (over 500 pages in print) and some have multiple narrators to keep track of. I like it that way and want to make these stories as good as I can make them. For that, time is necessary.

So this year, I’ll only be focusing on one bookish universe: Crowns of Magic.

Crowns of Magic includes the Coven of Shadows and Secrets Series (urban fantasy) and The Winter Court Series (a fae epic fantasy – new series I’ve been secretive about), which I’ll be launching this year. There are other series planned in the universe too, but I won’t be announcing those for a while. 🙂 Maybe not until 2024.

Expect 3 Coven of Shadows and Secrets books and 3 books from The Winter Court Series. These series are linked by world and a few character crossovers that I can’t wait for you to read!

The next Coven book, Marked by Fate, will release on February 1, 2023. I’ve already sent it to the narrator and am preparing the final files this week. I don’t have a solid release date for The Winter Court Series book 1 yet, but I expect that it will release in early April.

As for audiobooks, I hope to produce an audiobook for each book I write this year, though that also depends on the narrator’s schedule, so I cannot promise exact dates.

I will also be releasing the boxset for The Bonegates Series in March, but that is not a new story and you can read the whole series right now if you wish. It’s on Amazon!

I may also be creating omnibus paperback versions for my completed series. At the moment, that includes all of my series except for Coven of Shadows and Secrets.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking with me! I can’t wait to share new stories with you.

First releases of 2023!

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